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This solution is based on using Uniconta as the master for data in general.
This means, that normally all base information should be created and updated via Uniconta, and not via Intempus.

Creation and updating in Uniconta will normally be synchronized to Intempus within 1-2 minutes. While updates from Intempus to Uniconta will normally only happen every 15 minutes.


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(Description of the Crons)

If a customer, product, project ie is updated in Intempus, and you then go directly to Uniconta and update the same post and then save it before the update from Intempus has been processed, the update from Intempus will be lost, as the update from Uniconta will overwrite the post in Intempus.
If you wish to have the update from Intempus to work, you will have to wait for it to update to Uniconta.

Intempus Active

On most general posts in Uniconta, there can be a custom field, defining if the post is synchronized to Intempus or not. The field name in Uniconta should be xIntempus and can be labeled as needed. If the field is selected, then the post will not synchronize to Intempus. If a post has been synchronized to Intempus, and then at a later point are unchecked, then the post in Intempus is set as "not active" status, and there will not be any synchronization from uniconta to Intempus for the post, till it's again activated in Uniconta.


We suggest that you create and maintain groups directly in Uniconta, as they hold important settings that are needed in order to keep your Uniconta working as supposed.

Post groups like Customer group, Item group ie. are only synchronized when the specific group is used on a post, synchronizing from Uniconta to Intempus. Therefore you should be aware of this, in case you don't see a specific group in Intempus, this will most likely be the reason.

Blocket/Active status

For most posts, it's possible to define whether the post is active/accessible/ blocked or not. Note that for a post to be blocked in Uniconta, you have to set the checkmark in the Blocked field, while in Intempus you would "turn off".

Departments / Dimentions
Departments / Dimensions are not integrated into the solution. In Uniconta it's possible to define Dimensions in many ways, therefore it's not possible to use this "out of the box", but can be added as a customized feature if needed.

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